Laser Hair Removal

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

Let’s face facts: Getting rid of unwanted body hair can be tedious, difficult, and an all-around hassle. From shaving to tweezing, even waxing, the various methods of removing hair is both time consuming and expensive. Further, once the hair has been removed, it is only a matter of time before it grows back. If this sounds like a struggle you face frequently, then laser hair removal at Renaissance Plastic Surgery may be the best option for you and your needs.

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About Excel Hair Removal

Getting rid of unwanted hair is not only possible, but an easy task to accomplish. Even better, the excel hair removal process is safe, effective, and allows all patients to feel comfortable throughout the procedure. This new and innovating technology provides both male and female individuals with premium hair removal solutions, regardless of skin type or tone.

Specifically, excel hair removal offers truPulse technology, which delivers consistent and sustained energy, ultimately reducing the number of treatments required to see successful results. Further, this particular method offers cooling before, during, and after each laser pulse, meaning extra levels of comfort are consistently provided throughout.

If you’re wondering which areas of the body can be treated with laser hair removal in Macon, you’re in luck: almost no body part or region is off limits. Generally speaking, excel hair removal is used to fight unwanted hair on the legs, under the arms, around the bikini region, as well as on the chest and back of males.

Though multiple laser hair removal treatments will be required to achieve the best results, typically, only four to five treatments will be needed. These treatments will need to be spaced six to eight weeks apart. Of course, the area that is being treated, as well as the hair that is being removed could alter the number of sessions, but most patients discover four to five treatments are adequate to meet their needs.

It’s often questioned as to why multiple treatments are needed during the laser hair removal process. Truth be told, body hair grows in various phases. In fact, hair can take between six to twelve weeks for it to grow from root to surface. Therefore, when the hair in the treated area begins to grow back, you know it is time to schedule your next laser hair removal treatment in Macon. It is very important to stick with a schedule, as missing an appointment could cause your hair to grow back differently, resulting in the need for more treatments than originally planned.

*Individual results may vary.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Many of our patients have learned the myriad of benefits associated with the laser hair removal process. From speed to precision, if you want hair gone from your body – and to stay gone – the laser hair removal process is the way to go!

More so, this process is much faster than shaving or waxing. For example, a laser can treat many hairs at the same time, and within as little as a fraction of a second. Think of it in terms of this way: Small areas (i.e. the upper lip) can be treated in less than a minute. Lasers have also proven to be more precise, treating dark, coarse hairs, while also leaving the skin undamaged.

Most importantly, patients often experience nearly permanent hair loss after all of their sessions have been completed. After all, isn’t that the ultimate goal?

Of course, as with any type of cosmetic procedure, there are always risks and/or side effects that can occur. But another benefit of laser hair removal is that these risks and side effects are rather minor. After your treatment, you may experience what feels and looks like a sunburn, but only for a day or two. Compressors and moisturizers can help soothe the skin. If your face has been treated, you will most likely be able to wear makeup the very next day.

Better yet, there is no real downtime or recovery time needed after treatment. Therefore, many individuals opt to schedule their sessions during their lunch break, making laser hair removal in Macon a safe, affordable, and convenient procedure.

*Individual results may vary.

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Today

You no longer have to be embarrassed or annoyed with unwanted body hair. Whether you suffer from excessive hair on your arms, legs, or anywhere else, take care of it once and for all – take care of it today!

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