Excel V

Could You Benefit from Excel V?

If you currently suffer from an unwanted or undesired vascular skin condition, including spider veins or rosacea, then you’ve come to the right place: Renaissance Plastic Surgery can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin. We offer the Excel V Laser system that has proven to not only be extremely effective, but is also popular with patients.

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About the Excel V Laser System

Vascular skin conditions can cause a person to feel self-conscious, and even affect their daily lives. Luckily, Excel V is available at Renaissance Plastic Surgery to assist with these needs.

Excel V uses a high powered, green laser to target and heat abnormal blood vessels and pigment in the skin. While the vessels and/or pigment is targeted, the skin begins to return to a more natural color and tone. Regardless of a patient’s skin condition, Excel V can be altered accordingly. Further, treatments can be adjusted for both superficial and deeper skin conditions.

As many patients are often concerned with how much comfort is provided during treatment, it is important to know that this laser system uses new cooling technologies, which offers continuous cooling before, during, and after the procedure. At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, your comfort is very important to us.

Due to the fact that Excel V can treat a variety of conditions, the treatment has become increasingly popular among individuals, both men and women. These conditions include the following:

If you have a specific skin condition you are curious about getting treated, you can contact our professional staff today. It is highly likely that, even though you may not see your condition listed above, we can still assist you. Remember, too, Excel V can help with skin issues that are both mild and severe.

The number of treatments needed will depend on your specific skin concern. Factors that could affect the number of treatments you will need to schedule include the size, color, and overall thickness of your vascular skin issue. If your concern is small or minor, it will be faster to treat. In fact, individuals with smaller lesions may even see improvement following their first session.

Though other options do exist for treating vascular skin conditions, Excel V stands out because treatments can be tailored to fit each and every patient’s needs, skin tone, and particular condition. A word often associated with the Excel V Laser system, one not connected with other systems, is “customization.” Excel V treatments are completely customized, ensuring satisfaction.

Why Choose the Excel V Laser System

There are a variety of benefits offered to those individuals who choose the Excel V Laser system to fight their unwanted and undesired vascular skin conditions. As previously mentioned, treatments are tailored to each patient’s needs. Further, injections and anesthesia are not required prior to the procedure.

Excel V procedures are generally quick, taking just between 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Therefore, many individuals even schedule their sessions on their lunch hour, making this a convenient and time-saving experience. Though the number of sessions needed for successful results can vary from patient to patient, in most cases, only a series of three sessions (four weeks apart) is needed for maximum results.

Remember, not only can Excel V assist with all skins types and tones, but treatments can take place any time of the year – including summer.

As with any type of cosmetic procedure, side effects are always a possibility. However, Excel V has rather minimal side effects, and if they occur, they generally don’t last more than a few days. These side effects can include redness and/or swelling around the treated area of the body, and, in very rare situations, bruising.

The pricing of your procedure will depend on the area(s) of your body you wish to have treated. You can learn more about pricing and payment options during your consultation.

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You deserve to feel comfortable and confident every time you leave your house – and now you can! Do not let vascular skin conditions control your life for one more moment.

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