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“The care & enthusiasm of the entire staff at Renaissance is wonderful. I knew I was in good hands from day one! The doctor’s assistant, whom I had the most contact with, was awesome. My appointments with her were like being with an old friend; she was very warm & positive. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone considering plastic surgery!”

“Dr. Powell is amazing! He is sensitive, intuitive and caring! I’m so blessed to have had such a wonderful doctor to help me on this frightening journey. His calming voice and disposition made me feel completely at ease. His staff is fabulous as well. Stefanie, Tami, Amy and all of them have went above and beyond! Thank you all so much!!”*

“Dr. Syribeys is an incredible cosmetic surgeon. I can speak from my own experience with a face lift, and my daughters breast work. He is also a phenomenal reconstructive surgeon. I met patients in his waiting room who’s arm and legs he saved, and multiple patients who had face reconstruction. He saved a little girls leg that the other specialist were going to amputate by transplanting a muscle from her stomach with a microscope!! We are truly blessed to have a surgeon with his aptitude in middle GA!”*

“I had a breast reduction December of 2017 with Dr. Powell. My surgery went wonderful! I am extremely happy with my results and any concerns I had while in recovery was quickly addressed. Dr. Powell and his nurses were very professional and easy to work with.”*

“Dr. Powell does very good work. My results look great with minimal scarring. His staff is caring and very friendly. They do all they can to make you comfortable. I cannot say enough how pleased I was with my procedure. I was referred by a friend and ran into at least 5 other women who have used him. Every single one had great things to say. So happy I chose this center.”*

“I have had a few procedures performed by Dr. Mclendon. I had a tummy tuck, breast reduction and lift as well as upper arm lipo and thighplasty. These were all done after a weight loss of 90 pounds. Dr. Mclendon accurately assesses your situation and recommends the best course of action. My results are absolutely beautiful! I highly recommend him!!”*

“Dr. Syribeys is a miracle worker. I’m 1 week post op and I am in disbelief at the results. It sounds cliche but his work is literally life changing for me. I feel so much better physically and mentally now. I was taken care of so well through the whole process. I had issues that I was sure were unfixable and was proven very wrong. The result I got was so much better than I ever imagined. I question and analyze and regret almost every purchase I make for myself (even small ones) but this was money well spent. I cannot say enough. If you’re on the fence or can’t decide, please go see Dr. Syribeys and his team. I had multiple consultations with different doctors and I’m so thankful I went with him. I can’t thank him and his team enough for helping me feel human again.”

“Dr. Syribeys, is GOOD at his profession. He was introduced by another Dr. to do my reconstruction after the cancer cells were removed. I was nervous, scared, and didn’t know what to expect.  He and Nikki explained to my husband and I what we were facing, and gave us the road map to a healthy Gwenlincia Major. We are in the middle of this life changing event, and I’m glad we are on the same team. Thank You GOD!!!! For giving me Dr.Syribeys. Can’t wait to see the finished product.”*

“Dr. McLendon is absolutely wonderful. Great surgeon, and I loved my results. He performed a procedure on my daughter as well and she was very pleased also. Can’t say enough about him.”*

“I am a breast cancer patient of Dr. Mclendon. In 2006, I was diagnosed with a rare breast cancer that resulted in me having my complete left breast removed, before I could barely have time to adjust to the reality of it all. I had the complete mastectomy of my left breast and reconstruction, performed by Dr. Christopher McLendon, there in Macon Georgia. I freely admit that I was as devastated, heartbroken and terrified, as most any woman could imagine being, with the thought of being left disfigured for life. The total outrage I felt with the entire world at being diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, also made me the most impatient and quite possibly Dr. McLendon’s most “difficult” patient. I doubt he or his staff looked forward to any of my follow-up appointments. Wow, I was angry. Following my mastectomy, Dr. McLendon began my reconstruction with all of the procedures that it involved, with the goal to match the newly reconstructed breast to my right natural breast. I remained angry throughout and don’t recall growing any nicer as we went along. At the end of the reconstruction, I was left with amazing results. A perfect match. So well in fact that with clothing, no one can tell ANY difference between my two breasts. In addition, being unclothed, to distinguish between my natural breast and the reconstructed breast has taken close examination, which has amazed even doctors and nurses when I have been examined over these years. To put it plainly, Dr. McLendon created for me a perfect match between the two, which I’ve discovered over these years, from other cancer survivors who were seen by other plastic surgeons,was the impossible. Though we are ALL thankful to be alive after breast cancer, it is a near impossibility for most cancer survivors to be restored to their original shape, form and asymmetry. Though I have thanked you before in the past, thank you again, Dr. McLendon, for all you for all you did for me and for keeping my husband sane, dealing with me, though it all. Your work had been praised by many and I’ve shared my story and your name with many people, over the years. I was lucky to have you.”*

*Individual results and experience may vary