Hair Restoration

Genetic male or female patterned baldness is a patterned loss of hair that begins either at the hairline or at the crown. Hair Restoration or Hair Transplantation is a method of treating this type of hair loss that is more lasting than topical formulas or medications that may slow hair loss.

At Renaissance, our physicians use the Strip Method of hair transplantation, which we believe allows for more graft harvesting in one session than other techniques. This method also has less transection of hair follicles.

Starting with a consultation, our surgeon will determine an individualized plan for you for strip hair transplants (also called follicular unit transplants), taking future progression of hair loss into account in order to provide you with the best possible result.

 What can hair restoration correct?

The scars are hidden by existing hair.  Donor hair removal is taken from an area that is not affected by male pattern baldness.

 Are there visible scars after hair restoration?

The scars are hidden by existing hair, though subsequent hair loss can reveal them.

 What happens during hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is an outpatient procedure that is usually done using a local anesthetic.

Skin is removed from the donor area and dissected into follicular units of 1-4 hairs.  The donor area is then closed, leaving a narrow scar which is covered by existing hair. The follicular units are then placed in the recipient area (thinning or balding areas) with the 1-2 hair units placed at the hairline and 3-4 hair units behind the hairline. Depending on the size of the bald area, you may require more than one procedure.

What can you expect after hair restoration?

You will be able to go home the same day. The incisions will be bandaged, but those bandages, as well as the stitches, will be removed during a subsequent appointment with your surgeon.

The transplanted hair will fall out within 2-3 weeks, and new hair will begin to grow in about 90 days.

You can expect some soreness and swelling,  which can be managed with medication. We will provide you with post-operative instructions, including how to wash your hair during the healing process.

How long do the results of hair restoration last?

Hair transplantation is long lasting, but it does not prevent further  hair loss.

Is hair restoration right for you?

After a thorough examination, our physicians at Renaissance Plastic Surgery can tell you if hair transplants are a good option for you. They will answer all of your questions so that you feel completely comfortable with them before deciding to move forward with the procedure.

Contact us now to discuss hair restoration.